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    Bogenfels is the famous rock arch with one foot in the sea and the other on land...
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    Saddle Hill
    This 4x4 route will take you to Saddle Hill base camp where you spend 3 nights ...
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    Walvis Bay
    The adventure starts at Lüderitz, where the group assembles the evening before...
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A Few Words About Us

During 1996 the Namibian Minister of Environment and Tourism sought a proposal from the Luderitz community to come forward with an idea to propose further tourist development within the Luderitz area. Our chairman Mr. Stuart was approached via the Ministry to tackle this project on behalf of the government. Mr. Stuart again, approached the writer to draft a proposal to promote tourism within the Luderitz area.
During February 1999 Mr. Stuart, L.Druker and Erich Elia visited the offices of the Ministry in Windhoek with a proposal to take 4 x4 Lovers as a tourist attraction to Saddle Hill and back on a self drive tour. Once permission was granted on the 11 August 1999, from the Ministry to commence operation as soon as possible. Once permission was granted Mr. Jahnke and Klosta was approached to join the team.

Mr. Jahnke immediately commenced with renovation operation at Saddle Hill which involved a substantial amount of funds. The renovations were completed during the first week of December 1999 and the first tour was conducted very soon thereafter. During April 2000, we were fortunate enough to enjoy a visit from Toyota on the launch of there famous new 4 x 4 Toyota Land Cruiser bakkie imported directly from Japan. We were very fortunate to enjoy the visits of all Southern Africa major journalists in the motor trade industry.

This resulted in a tremendous influx of many South African 4 x 4 lovers visiting this long hidden beautiful part of the Namib Desert at Saddle Hill and Spencer Bay, which out of bounds to the public for over ninety years. On further word of mouth advertising and reports from magazines such as Drive Out,Wiel,Getaway and other famous Magazines within the 4 x 4 fraternity this venture grew from strength to strength. We are currently enjoying on the average about six tours per month. We have been fortunate enough to be nominated as one of the top ten 4 x 4 routes within Southern Africa for the past 4 years.

The tour legs, with the blessing of the Ministry have since the inception of the leg Luderitz/Saddle Hill and back , increased with more alternative tours such as the Forbidden Land, visits to famous Bogenfels Arch and an occasional Luderitz/Walvis Bay Tour.

We as a company have supported many community projects within the Luderitz/Keetmanshoop/Aus area. We have also opened a Trust Fund on behalf of the Karas region and the Nama community in and around the Bethanie region.

As we as a company and part of the Namibia tourist fraternity believe that the tourist industry will grow from strength to strength within the near future and become part and parcel as one of the main revenue contributors towards the Namibian foreign exchange earners.

We also believe that this industry will continue to grow within the Luderitz area and continue to support our local industries within the tourism group. Our company wishes to take this opportunity and thank the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in affording us the opportunity to offer this excellent venture within the Namib Naukluft Park to our valued and esteemed clientele within the 4 x 4 fraternity.

Lewis Druker
For and on behalf of Coastways Tours Luderitz Pty Ltd.